Silly Me and Destiny

Jelly limbs swim through a rose quartz pool to the ocean home Silly me, I thought I was destined to ride the highest wave and never return But dinosaur melodies dig through the evening And the little gentleman demands that I dance So I dance I dance and spin and twirl to the ocean home…

Rules of Thought II

Please don’t interrupt me It’s a rule my father taught me Please don’t-

Mileva Maric on Relativity

  Titel, Serbia. A brilliant physicist is born. Female. Oh, the wonder and glee The vast universe My mind Ever expanding to sculpt stencils Around these inconsistencies My head might soon burst Pop! Ouch, but oh what fun Let the gleeful games begin Royal Classical High School in Zagrebe. Oh, the wonder and the glee…

After the Deluge

Enflamed in the lipids of my brain, I can still remember how I couldn’t stop staring down the stars. Electronic bursts of human made moonbeams tug my eyes. I can’t pull away


In Summer Unrealistic brights blind


After Annamarie Pilon’s photoshop painting Butterfly hands begin While a Click and clack Checks cards to a stack


We were tumbling down that dark night road Bodies blurred with night Searching Searching Disoriented and far from home

Rules of Thought

Please don’t interrupt me It’s a rule my father taught me Please don’t interrupt me I wanted to talk to you about the rules

Revel in the Wreckage

The descending fire imprints smoky shadows Where crumpled aluminum Exhales through smashed windows

What is the shape of your body?

Do you boldly stretch under the dawn To feel the edges of your kinesphere? A mime with your fingers pressed against your walls Almost reaching your spirit into escape Until you are ready to rise? A voice shouts Advising me to find the outskirts Of my sphere of motion My fingers, my arms My toes…