All These Summertimes

Years smear
Grazing intricacies inside
Heightened hearing
One fluid tune of reckless innocence

Blast the song of stone heart sentimentals:
“Blurry sunlit days don’t last.”

Will grin shift to grimace
Where seasons blend and merge?
Will reality disrupt these dancing tracks?

Mistakes transformed to rhyme
I blindly, blissfully
Cut the sharpest corners
Until summer light greyed to faded film

I’m learning to ride the backwards train
Years behind

Meet me in the morning:
I’ll be riding Junes and Julys and summertimes
That won’t slow down for the rhyme
As they melt to a master model
One blurred memory of reckless innocence

Come back at night:
Foolish falls flash
Lightning leaps
Tumble, tumble,
Trip beneath the stars
Squinted eyes
Shadows shift to shapes and shields

Thus appear patterns in the dark
One melded summer memory
Master moving model


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