Reference Points

Do you ever think about the people you were supposed to meet, but you’ve met them in the wrong season?

So you’ve thought about how the stars can align disjointed to the times?

Yes, but have you ever thought about how those disjointed stars are only so from where you have chosen to stand?
How so?

What I mean is, perhaps what is disjointed is only your reference point, and a little forward leaning brings your vision in line.

Look stand here. What do you see?
A pattern of stars

What are they doing?
Revealing the times, defining the times, putting them into focus

Yes but now spin a little,
step forward,
look again.

They’ve rearranged. They’re blurry.

Yes, a new configuration brings a new orientation; a new focus.
But that means they were always aligned.

So it is never the wrong season?

Photograph by Larm Rmah


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh Blythe, this is dam near perfect. I love this, so beautifully written and what a gorgeous mindset. Dreamy ethos, you are my goto smile inducer.

    1. blythenora says:

      Ahh, your comments always mean the world to me 🙂 Thank you, I am grinning ear to ear

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