Sandbox Play

We’ve been placing bets in our makeshift beach casino
You trip through gold
Sand flies,
Grainy daggers sting my eyes,
You apologize
And dust settles


I’m calling your bluff

And letting go of all these dice
As they gurgle gurgle below
They giggle waltz rhythms beneath your pretend shipwreck
Their song bounces across the stones
And empowers the blood I’ve been telling to slow and cool
To burn and race

I will let it burn and race

I’m calling your bluff

As we peer across the hanging cliffs

The ocean is so far away but it’s swaying rather drastically isn’t it?
“Oh, do you feel like we’re moving?”
Because I’ve been placed in a standstill sandbox
Where you still trace your pretend shipwreck in a circle around my skin
And I freeze in September’s cruel summer

I’m calling all your bluffs
Taking deep breaths
Rolling dice and placing bets

And I’m so much happier
Now that that’s off my chest




Poem inspired by the above piece by Annamarie Pilon
Featured Photograph by Fazel Mehrad

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