Rules of Thought II

Please don’t interrupt me
It’s a rule my father taught me
Please don’t-

Incoming landing
Here we are again
Discerning body from mind,
Love from “I care so much.”
Pulling apart our neural hearts
Shaping rules of thought

I wanted to talk to you about the rules
But I couldn’t comprehend the whys
They altered with each felt moment
We can’t trust our memories, you know

Oh yes, you know
You explain your new rule:
You can no longer trust your thoughts
dare not
Talk about what that means for identity

(I mean “and
I promised to use “and” instead of “but
Build a bridge instead of interrupt
Rules of thought, rules of talk
One edited word doesn’t seem to be enough)

Andthis time

I wanted to say something else about time
How slow we strolled
Never daring to
discuss our weaving footprints
Forgetting to ask about the past or future
All for sake of existing in one single breath
Inquiries disappeared from my grasp
We had so much time

This time

I wish I hadn’t strolled so slow
Wish I hadn’t waited
To discuss rules of thought, rules of talk
And emotional logistics

And you told me not to stick to the rules
You said something
About false dichotomies
It’s not a switch, it’s a filter
I wish I remembered our journey to that moment

I wanted to tell you
About what you’ve done for my mind
I was going somewhere
There was something I was going to do

I was going to fold my immaturities to dust
Lay them to rest, finally
Forget my silly rules
I cared too much to heed them anyways
Almost there, now it’s time
“I lo-

Crash landing
Your thoughts are melting, tumbling out of your pores and scurrying into space
Your compass is hesitant, your North is hidden behind another magnet
You want to talk about what that means for identity

And how
The rules ban love when two need this much
And how
The rules ban goodbyes when two care this much

So here’s our emotional logistics: I’ll follow the rules this timeI’ll hold back what I never had the nerve to say. You just focus on finding North. Don’t look over your shoulder. I promise I’ll be here. I won’t make a sound.

If only…
If only I’d broken my silly rules sooner
If only I could tell you what you’ve done for my heart and mind
If only-

Logistical Interruption: No more talking about the past

Here we are again
Pulling apart our neural hearts
Shaping rules of thought, rules of talk and
Emotional logistics

You said it’s not a switch, it’s a filter
I think I finally remember what you meant
And don’t worry, dear
I’ll keep my lips sealed

care too much to break the rules these days

Click here for Rules of Thought I


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