After Annamarie Pilon’s photoshop painting

Butterfly hands begin
While a
Click and clack
Checks cards to a stack
Shuffle, shuffle
Butterfly shuffle

Delirious dealer,
King and a jostling joker
Stomp shaky ground
Discarding the


To click and clack
Check cards to a stack

The Jacks build
The weeping Jacks build
The hope and wrath filled weeping Jacks build

Dart against click and clack
Disrupt the deck of delirious decades

This is the house the Jacks build
Finally standing
For the Queen

Our lady is greying
Let her lean
Into the hearts

                 Lean into the hearts

She holds her lamp for the tired
She holds her lamp high
For the huddled butterfly masses

Hold her, too

Shuffle, shuffle
Butterfly shuffle

Our lady is greying
Hold her higher


Sing the song
Of the growing butterfly masses
Fluttering shouts
Butterfly hands rebuild



Poem inspired by
Photoshop Painting by Annamarie Pilon


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