Revel in the Wreckage

The descending fire imprints smoky shadows
Where crumpled aluminum
Exhales through smashed windows
Droplets of sulfuric acid cruise through the open roof
Into the stratosphere
Aerial volcanoes smear the twilight crimson
Scarlet specks are magnified by the aerosol lens
The setting sun’s blood stretches in kaleidoscope patterns

And we
Revel in the wreckage

Pure silver sliver of setting innocence
Proportions pulled from hidden angles
Concealed behind the blinding bright glow
Of the rising oil moon
Spilt by the last trembling breath

And we
Revel in the wreckage

Miniature orbs blast synthetic starlight
Contouring the skyline
As the world drifts from dust to dark
Silhouettes of kindergarten geometry
Stampede the shining stage

And we
Revel in the wreckage

Darlings, I advise you
Do not meditate in strangled air
Or scorch the equilibrium by accepting this stalemate
Watch the sparrow ascend
Blind to the beautiful
He tackles the twilight blockade
Rewriting the pathways of the sky

Photographs by Ryan Walsh


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