What is the shape of your body?

Do you boldly stretch under the dawn
To feel the edges of your kinesphere?
A mime with your fingers pressed against your walls
Almost reaching your spirit into escape
Until you are ready to rise?

A voice shouts
Advising me to find the outskirts
Of my sphere of motion
My fingers, my arms
My toes and my soles
Extend and grow
This is your kinesphere

I graze the circumference of my reach
Stretch more

I hesitate

Upon command, I twist to a shape I’ve never made
My head is in the earth, my feet are in the dirt
And I never knew my spine could stare at the sun
Your sphere of motion is always more spacious than expected

What is the shape of my body?

Am I doing this right?
Stretch more

What is the shape of your body?
Do you curl your fists, your arms and your knees
And scream to your dreams to drown
The uncontrollable mutterings of your rogue conscious?

I hear you, mumbling memories and humming idioms to the eclipse
“It’s supposed to be scary,”
Do you ever hide under the covers,
Shivering to shake away the ghosts?

What is the shape of your body?
Do you bashfully sway under the neon spotlight
In the safety of the 7-Eleven parking lot?
Embarrassed your smile is so loud?

Do your shoulders ache and your eyes burn
From flashback hours of forced stillness?
Do you wiggle your feet even in silence
To remind your cramped cells
That you were born to move?

You were born to move

The commands continue
Advising me to find new layers of my kinesphere
and I hesitate

My voice cracks beneath the neon spotlight
I never learned rhythm in grade school
But the balls of my feet want to tap against the pavement
I’m trying to listen but now you’re popping syllables off my eardrum

Rhythm into me

I’m stretching this kinesphere to
Meld my mutterings with yours
But first, tell me,
Do you always hum to the eclipse?



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